System designed and built for the filtration of abrasive powders arising from machining dry grinding and sanding of funds and stuccoes. GFPtur collector ensures almost total filtration of these pollutants, responding to european legislation.

Circular type filter, great depressions resistant, with a structure adequately reinforced. Air inlet is positioned at the bottom of the filter, at the beginning of the hopper, tangentially, to encourage a more cyclonic effectEasily removable dust collection tank, enclosed in the appropriate box. This construction type allows to deposit heavier debris directly into the container, thanks to the cyclonic motion, while lighter powders are restrained in secondary filter, consisting of cartridges sized to ensure an high efficiency in presence of thin powders.

Size: (Ø325x660h)mm 
Capacity: 750mc/h
Filter surface: 12mq
Filtration efficiency: 95%

Per testare il livello di intasamento degli elementi filtranti, viene utilizzato un misuratore differenziale di pressione, che indica la pressione differenziale tra l’aria sporca prima del filtraggio e l’aria pulita già filtrata. Infine, l’aria totalmente depurata viene espulsa dal filtro di aspirazione ed immessa in ambiente tramite tubazioni ed un camino di uscita dallo Stabilimento.


  • Structure in sturdy sheet thickness should
  • Routine maintenance Doors, through which you can remove rapidly the filter cartridges for cleaning and/or periodic replacement of filter SEPTA
  • Cleaning of filter backwash SEPTA in compressed air· Intercepted material Bin collection during filtrating action, with quick release
  • Panel for logical drives for regular cleaning, automatic or manual, SEPTA filter.
  • Cyclone air inlet· Box containment dust collection bin• Flexible connection for depression

Consisting of a centrifugal impeller, sized for applications with high requirements, scope and depressions with long-term operations.The blowers are quiet and maintenance is limited. The complex fan switch is installed in a soundproofing box, made by a painted steel tubular stand with feet shoulder pad, anti-vibration and closing panels formed by plates coated internally with soundproofing fabric. The unit is also equipped with check valves, safety valves, hot air extraction fan and exhaust silencer kit.

During normal operation, the air enters the powder collector, through the taking, and passes through the filtrating ele-ments. The dust is collected on the outer surface of the elements and purified air flows through the center of the elements to reach the clean air room, from where comes out through the mouth aspirant.

When cleaning filter elements, the timer automatically select a couple of filter ele-ments to clean, and activate a solenoid valve diaphragm that sends a jet of air pressure, directly in the center of the se-lected filter elements; dust collection is expelled from the elements.