Designed to meet the needs of body repairmen

The paint booth for motor vehicles is primarily made up of:
SIDE WALLS made of laminated steel, double sheet thickness 10/10, with interposition of fi berglass soundproofi ng material, reinforced internally. The thickness of the Panel is 60 mm. Inner side coated white sheet.
PLENUM FILTER, with practical hooks that allow a fast and easy replacement of sky fi lters, with a high filtration capacity.
FRONT, with three full open doors, door side, with by proof portholes for internal inspection.
LIGHTING, with neon lights of large surface that eliminate glares and shadows.

Inside the cabin, polluted air outflow may be made as follows:

  • METAL BASEMENT with perimeter size equal to that of the cabin.
  • BRICK BASEMENT consisting of a floor brick of adequate capacity

Composed of:
SUPPORTING METAL STRUCTURE with steel plates formed risers and galvanized sp. 15/10. The paneling consists of thermal and acoustic insulating coated galvanized steel with a thickness of 10/10. Rapid opening system to replace fi lter groups.
FILTRATING SECTION, with cells with frame in pre-cut cardboard and filtrating media in fiberglass.
FAN SECTION, composed of two centrifugal fans connected to engines through belts and pulleys. The Group also has a manual calibration damper for the compensation of saturation filters.

Essential Accessory for the functioning of the booth, is formed by a supporting structure in steel, properly treated, and by external panels made of galvanized sheet steel sandwich, pre-painted or plastic according to customer needs. Within the fan group are placed the centrifugal fan, which pushes the air inside the cabin, and its electric motor, and the combustion chamber with heat transfer pipelines, which serve to heat the air before its entry into the booth. Recycling Damper has the function of increasing output temperature of the air in drying phase.