Designed and built for the dust and grit collection produced by machining of casting, welding, plasma cutting, or other industrial processes, the filter mod. GFP ensures almost total filtration of these pollutants, responding to European legislation.

The filtration is performed by a set of cartridges that allow a high filtration efficiency, thanks to a thin layer of reticular fibers that collect dust particles sub-micronic on the outside surface of the cartridge, resulting in the rapid formation of a thin film of dust. The particular conformation of the cartridge allows a cleanups pulsed in more depth, a lower pressure drop and a longer filter life, since it prevents the powder to lay on filter support and, therefore, already below the substrate.

Size: (Ø325x660h)mm 
Capacity: 750mc/h
Filter surface: 12mq
Filtration efficiency: 95%

To test the level of blocking filter elements, a gauge pressure differential is used, indicating the differential pressure between the dirty air before filtration and clean air already filtered. Finally, totally purified air is expelled from intake filter and sent in environment through pipelines and a chimney outside the plant.


  • monoblock in sturdy sheet thickness should
  • routine maintenance doors, through which you can quickly remove the filter cartridges for cleaning and/or periodic replacement of filter SEPTA
  • inspection doors for general cleaning machinery l
  • cleaning of filter backwash SEPTA in compressed air
  • bin collection material intercepted during action filter, with quick release
  • Panel for logical drives for regular cleaning, automatic or manual, filtration of SEPTA

During normal operation, the air enters the collector for powders, passing the grip, and crosses filtration elements. The dust is collected on the outer surface of the elements and purified air flows through the center of the elements, until reaching clean air room, from where comes out through the mouth aspirant.
During filtrating elements cleaning, the timer automatically selects a couple of filtrating elements to be cleaned, and activates a diaphragm which sends a pressure air jet, directly at the centre of selected filtrating elements; the powder is expelled from the elements and collected in the hopper.


  • centrifugal fan installed on the ground or directly on the roof
  • pre-beater, preventing further sparks to come in contact with SEPTA filter
  • silencers against washing system
  • cut fire damper, for insulation of machinery in presence of flames
  • protections anti explosion, according to ATEX standards
  • differential pressure meter integrated to Panel for logical drives